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Chartering a private yacht in the Indonesia archipelago is the perfect way to explore one of the world’s greatest areas of natural beauty. Comprising of over 17,000 islands, discover secluded bays, breathtaking landscapes, the best diving the world has to offer and exotic new cultures and experiences.

Our handpicked collection of luxury yacht charters in Indonesia offer exceptional accommodation, service, modern comfort and elegance to explore the spectacular chartering destinations of Komodo National Park and Flores, Raja Ampat and beyond.

One of the beauties of Indonesia is that you can cruise here all year round due to the weather at opposing ends of the archipelago. The best time of year for a luxury cruise around Komodo National Park and Flores is during the summer season from April/May through to September/October. The magnificent cruising region of Raja Ampat is best visited over the winter season, between November through to April.

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